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Color Coded Collection

Color coding your recycling containers reinforces your recycling message and helps everyone quickly identify the right unit for their recyclable waste.

Are the small white containers of ketchup, cocktail sauce, etc you get with take out food recyclable?

We identified several manufacturers for the small white sauce containers and therefore different materials.

Is there a container to recycle used medicine bottles?

We suggest using the Nexus 13G recycling container with a round aperture. There is a range of different colors available for the aperture to make the unit clearly different than those containers used for other recyclable wastes.

What is a sign kit?

A sign kit is available which is fitted to the rear of the unit to provide additional signage at eye level to highlight the use of the product.

We have single-stream recycling. Do any of your labels include paper, plastic and cans?

Yes, we can supply all of our containers with a label showing 'all' or 'mixed' recyclables.

Do you have any outdoor beverage recycling containers that are lockable and can be affixed to something so that they can not be stolen?

We can offer a range of products. One of our most popular products is the Glasdon Jubilee Recycling Container.

We have sensitive/confidential/private paperwork that we want to store prior to shredding, how can we stop people getting at the contents of the container?

All recycling containers in the Nexus range incude a 'Confidential' waste option. This consists of a thin paper length aperture that the paper can be dropped into but cannot be picked out of. A keyed lock is also fitted so that only trusted staff can open the containers when required.

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